New: 24/7 Flax of Camira

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Posted on 3 april 2017


We always try to design products to be environmentally sensitive and our latest fabric 24/7 Flax definitely fits the bill.

24/7 Flax is an intuitive progression of our popular 24/7+ range. Continuing our pioneering work with bast fibres, 24/7 Flax incorporates a blend of wool and flax fibre to enhance the sustainability properties of the fabric whilst maintaining the robust technical performance.

Ideal for task or soft seating in ‘heavy duty’ contract applications the fabric is inherently flame retardant to cigarette, match and Medium Hazard level without post-treatments, and comes with the backing of our 10 year guarantee for 24 hour use. The combination of flax yarn and crepe weave creates coloured highlights and intriguing texture.

For more information about the fabrics of Camira contact Maurits Schoenmakers.