Rever collectie van Wever & Ducre nu bij XAL

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Posted on 1 mei 2017

The Italian Architect and product designer Marcello Ziliani loves to look at things in a different light. With Rever, the creative mind combined timesless design with functionality.

“I am strongly influenced by the late fifties and early sixties. That fascination might derive from some furniture my father had designed during that period, or the elegant, sophisticated ambiance conjured up by films and TV series set in that time”, Ziliani states. Yet, the REVER collection appears timeless, almost futuristic – not least due to the unique materials.

“For the lamp body, we use a single piece of injection-moulded polycarbonate, a highly technical polymer very similar to glass. It looks amazing, is extremely robust, scratch- and temperature resistant.” Ziliani particularly paid attention to the treatment of the luminaires surface. “We chose a texture inspired by delicate linens for the outer panels and an opaque, satin finish for all the inner surfaces. To achieve this effect, we laser-cut the surfaces of the moulds, which is a complex, cutting edge technology.”

The shape of the diffusers in the collection is inspired by turn-ups on the collars of turtlenecks and the lapels of men’s jackets. A single unit contains both the source of light and the lampshade that diffuses the light and makes it so captivating. The REVER luminaires create a warm atmosphere. “As the light passes through the body of the luminaire, it is filtered and softened, taking on a certain depth and ambiance thanks to the material, texture and colour. Therefore, it generates a sensation of familiarity and wellbeing.”

The desire to combine a luminaire’s primary function – giving light – with a secondary one was the inspiration behind Ziliani’s designs. “I find the result very interesting, because the functional component – the valet tray – endows the different models with a certain expressive richness and distinctive personality.” The REVER colour palette allows achieving a rich, full lighting effect. “Light fixtures have two opposing states: on and off. Any colour study should take this fact into account. The solution has to deliver the best results, regardless of whether the luminaire is illuminated from outside when switched off, or by light it has generated itself when switched on”, explains Ziliani. Despite being a rather small-scaled object, a luminaire can have a significant impact on its surrounding environment. “For a designer, this represents a fantastic opportunity but also a serious responsibility. I really love working with light which, unlike other objects, is intangible and unpredictable, but I also find it intimidating at times.”


Wilt u meer informatie over de Rever collectie neem dan een kijkje in deze inspirerende brochure.


Vanzelfsprekend vertellen Joris Schreuders en Marcel van Bragt van Xal u graag meer over deze verlichting.