Recharging our classic wool felt fabric Blazer

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Posted on 4 juni 2018


Our Blazer fabric has been recharged with a revived palette of 50 colours.

With a global palette of clean, bright and fresh tones and maintaining a mix of mélange and solid shades, Blazer has been refined with the injection of 14 new colourways. The new palette has a bold, fun and vibrant feel, with warmer neutrals added alongside the pop of brighter tones.

Blazer is a classic pure new wool upholstery fabric with a billiard cloth felted nish. It is made from premium New Zealand lambswool, where responsible farming provides the highest quality raw material which is soft, clean and bright, which is ideal for spinning, weaving and dyeing. The colour palette is an exciting mix of solids and mélanges across the full colour spectrum, creating a versatile fabric suitable for wide-ranging furniture applications.

Blazer is made by Camira: spun, woven, milled, dyed and finished.

Voor meer informatie over deze nieuwe stof van Camira contact Maurits Schoenmakers.