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Posted on 5 november 2018


We have a belief that you only ever get out what you put in, which is why so much of who we are goes into what we make. Made by Camira isn’t just about using the finest materials, it’s having a belief in everything we do, from the way we do business, to the way we treat our customers and our people, to knowing that what we do affects the planet.

We believe in making fabrics that last. It shows we care about what we do and the resources we use. We make fabrics that have a purpose – to inspire, to challenge, to become loved. We celebrate the makers, the designers and the manufacturers. We never cut corners, we do it right and for the right reasons because Made by Camira matters.

Our innovators carefully design and craft the world’s most adventurous and environmentally sensitive fabrics – but we’re expert makers in every sense. So yes, our expertise goes from wool spinning and polypropylene yarn manufacturing, through to yarn dyeing, weaving on dobby, jacquard and plush looms, technical knitting, textile finishing and upholstery services. But that’s not all we do.

Our designers work with ideas and integrity to create interior experiences with textiles at their heart. Our product range is constantly evolving, as we set trends and respond to trends, plus we’re happy to create bespoke designs and colourways for specific projects. We love to share our expertise by providing learning through CPD and CEU seminars or tailored programmes and workshops for textile training, sustainability and trend directions.

So whatever you need, our team can make your life easier. Want to know how? Contact Maurits Schoenmakers. He will tell you all about Camira.