Dynamobel: autonomous cabins and console desks.

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Posted on 20 januari 2021

The working world is going through a stage where a new concept has emerged, the autonomous cabins. They are spaces that, by having their own roof, provide privacy integrated into the open office.

The EVA pod has been designed to respond to these needs by configuring specific spaces that are ideal for concentration, where you can talk without distractions from the environment and without disturbing the rest.

On our website you will find the technical data sheet and the different finishes that this solution offers:



Months after the initial shock, there are still many professionals who do not telework with the right conditions.

A desk table is a basic tool for working from home. An exclusive place to put your computer, agenda, notebooks or pens and where you can concentrate on your work.

Our Console Desk helps you create a minimal but essential space to work.

An extendable table which, when folded up, becomes a piece of household furniture and when extended, serves as a work table at two heights, ideal for those environments that require a work solution in the smallest space.

FUNCTIONALITY AND AESTHETICS go hand in hand. Read more on our website.