JUNG loves… and invites you to Milan! 

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Posted on 26 augustus 2021

Our hearts beat four billion times during our lifetimes • Feeling and thinking, intuition and logic,  devotion and planning • whoever loves, changes • nothing remains as it was • upheaval, awakening,  passion • coming out of one’s shell, growing beyond oneself • creating a new ‘we’ •  

The temporary installation JUNG loves … “Exhibition of Things” at Fuorisalone 2021 / Brera Design  District in Milan will allow visitors to experience the heartbeat of JUNG from September 5-10, 2021.  The artistically-interpreted installation JUNG loves … opens up space for expansive fields of  association that revolve around the term “love”. Passion and longing are reflected in atmospherically  dense images in the installation as well as the fragility of being. The sampling of many different  effects gives the space colours, sounds and movements that irritate the synapses and allow everyday  life to slip away for a brief moment. In an explosion of red tones, the classic LS 990 switch displays  the colour depth of the “Polychromie Architecturale” of the original Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier  colours, contrasted by the combination of pure black as a statement and pure white as an  understatement. In this way, intensity and touch can be created for the visitors without actually  getting too physically close to each other in the rooms of the ballet school in the heart of Brera.  

Progress as a tradition 

The assemblage of yesterday, today and tomorrow – designed by the design office “raumkontor” – provides a platform for JUNGS’s design and technology claim. In line with the complexity of the  installation, the focus is on the combination of clear forms and smart technologies with the  sensuality of the material. Construction is constantly evolving in line with the spirit of the times and  technological progress. JUNG considers it its corporate responsibility not only to keep pace with this  development, but also to positively shape it. The focus isn’t just on the product, however, but on the  architecture as a whole. An architectural idea can only be implemented with high-quality materials  and products that meet the respective design requirements. 

For JUNG, this connection to architecture not only means producing beautiful and functional control  elements as part of the building, but also maintaining a permanent dialogue with architects through  many different communication formats. JUNG loves!