Occhio presents Mito linear, its new system of luminaires, at Euroluce 2019.

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Posted on 9 oktober 2019

Occhio presents Mito linear, its new system of luminaires, at Euroluce 2019. Floor, suspended, and
ceiling luminaires as well as wall washers: With Mito linear, Occhio has completely reinterpreted the
award-winning Mito series. Mito linear combines minimalist design with state-of-the-art lighting
technology to create the perfect light – for both work and living spaces. Innovative features such as
»touchless control« and »color tune« ensure Occhio’s singular joy of use.
At a time when the boundaries between home and work spaces increasingly dissolve, Occhio has created
the ideal series of luminaires to integrate both: Mito linear, a universal lighting tool in terms of its design as well
as quality of light, provides perfect light for every situation – whether for an elegant dinner or working from
Technical design meets elegance
A more streamlined design is hardly possible. In its form, the new Mito linear takes a restrained approach.
And yet its technical elegance imparts a noticeably special aura to any room. Its minimalist line synthesizes
ease and attention to detail to produce a comprehensive work of art, while its particularly high-quality
workmanship makes a statement that has never been more simple or clear. Varying surfaces such as the
soft-touch colors matt white and matt black and the special materials rose gold and bronze turn Mito linear
into a versatile all-around talent.
Innovative functionality creates holistic lighting experience
Only when you interact with Mito linear, you can fully appreciate Mito linear’s true talent: The suspended
luminaire Mito volo, for instance, lets you easily adjust the height with just one hand to suit any situation. The
luminaires feature touchless control right at the light source – the head of the luminaire. Thanks to innovative
sensors, the light can be turned on or off and dimmed via gesture or via the »fading« function continuously
spread between uplight and downlight. Alternatively, Mito linear can be controlled with the optional Occhio air
app or the Occhio air controller.
With »color tune«, you can adjust the color temperature of every luminaire in the series to complement any situation
– from a warmly lit atmosphere for a relaxing evening to a stimulating, cool light to get your work done.
For the floor luminaires Mito terra and Mito terra 3d, the light can be controlled both with the lighting controls at
the luminaire head and a »body sensor« on the body. This makes it especially easy to use in your work space.
You can also activate a »presence sensor« and »ambient light control« to ensure the light is automatically turned
on or off when a person enters or leaves the room or to adjust the light to the ambient brightness.
Powerful light for every situation
As simple and restrained as Mito linear appears, its luminous power will impress you with its intensity. Whether
a floor, suspended or ceiling luminaire, the innovative luminaire system is as convincing in living spaces as it is
in an office area and provides optimal illumination for tables, walls, ceilings and entire rooms. Thanks to a range
of sophisticated lighting effects, such as directed, glare-free downward light and diffuse upward light, various
lighting scenarios can be created depending on the mood and situation. In addition, the ceiling luminaire Mito
alto side – the first wall washer in the Occhio product portfolio – expands the possibilities for lighting design and
complements the potential applications of the new series.
Mito linear at a glace:
Axel Meise
Light source
high color LED (CRI95)
– touchless gesture control »touchless control« for suspended and floor luminaires
– optional control using Occhio air app or air controller
– »color tune« for adjusting the light’s color temperature from 2700 to 4000K
– »up/down fading« to spread the light between uplight and downlight for suspended and floor luminaires
– unique height adjustment (optional) with suspended luminaires or adjustable body with floor luminaire Mito terra
– »presence sensor« to automatically turn or off the light with floor luminaires
– »ambient light control« to adjust the light to the ambient brightness with floor luminaires
Advanced lense optics with various lighting effects.
Surfaces: matt white, matt black, matt silver, matt gold, rose gold, bronze.